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Meet the Team of Spring 2018

Sarah Jones

Operations Director

Rising from the ashes of Statistics 3331, Sarah Jones is beginning her second semester as the Operations Director for Bauer Women Society. She is currently a sophomore pursuing a degree in Supply Chain Management at the C.T. Bauer College of Business.
Sarah has been an active member since Spring 2017. She credits Bauer Women Society for boosting her confidence and professional skills. Her biggest goal for this semester is to obtain an internship.

In her downtime, Sarah loves to spend time with friends and family. She enjoys activates such as drawing, napping, reading, and playing one of her instruments. In addition to BWS, she also works as a freelance musician and a private trumpet instructor.


Helen Aihevba 

Logistics Manager

Helen Aihevba is the Logistics Manager for Bauer Women Society and has been a member of the greatest organization in Bauer since her freshman year at the University of Houston in Fall 2015, previously serving as the organization's Media Director.

​She is currently a junior and has finally decided, after much trial and error, to major in Marketing and go to law school after she graduates from the C.T. Bauer College of Business. She hopes to one day finish all her schooling with a degree in International Law.

​Helen loves to spend her time eating with friends, working out (which she knows is very contradictory), volunteering, and exploring/ traveling Houston and the world. She was born in The Netherlands, does not speak Dutch, and has visited over sixteen countries. She loves meeting and interacting with new people and is always open to trying new things, except roller coasters, escargot, and zoos, which are all no's for her.


Daniella Ramos

Senior Corporate Relations Director

Daniella Ramos is the Senior Corporate Relations Director for Bauer Women Society. She is a sophomore double majoring in Finance and Marketing at the C.T. Bauer College of Business. She has been an active member in Bauer Women Society since Fall 2016.

Beginning her freshmen year, she knew she wanted to become involved in a student organization and the UH community to make an impact on those around her. This past summer she was a counselor for the UH Office of Provost's Cub Camp and began her mentorship with professionals at Prudential Financial. She is currently in the Ted Bauer Leadership Certificate Program where she will continue to build her leadership skills.

In her free time, she enjoys trying new restaurants, going to concerts by her favorite artists, and is a total movie junkie. Daniella loves to help others on their pursuit in life, and strives to encourage those to follow their passion. One of her goals this academic year includes obtaining an internship and she wishes to make a greater impact on Bauer Women Society this semester. 

"There is no limit to what we, as women, can accomplish." - Michelle Obama


Inaara Panjwani 

Junior Corporate Relations Director

Inaara Panjwani is the Junior Corporate Relations Director for Bauer Women Society. She is a sophomore at the C.T. Bauer College of Business, pursuing a degree in Accounting and a minor in Finance. She has been in BWS for one year and has enjoyed every second of it! She has been in Bauer Women Society longer than she has been in Bauer. This society helped her find what she is truly interested in, which is why she changed majors.

Given that she has changed majors, she understands the challenges that come with it and will gladly help guide those who are doing the same. Her goal is to help all BWS members feel comfortable and confident in what they are doing.

When she's not at school, working, or working out, she likes to spend time with family and friends and to explore. She enjoys touring museums, visiting exhibitions, and watching movies in her free time. She hopes to be an internal auditor one day like her sister.


Taylor Alva

Member Relations Director

Taylor Alva is a senior, majoring in Economics with a minor in Business Foundations. She currently has a Marketing internship where she works with social media marketing, creating websites, and working on other various marketing materials. Taylor is a transfer from Lyon College in Batesville, Arkansas where she had a scholarship for wrestling. She transferred into UH in Spring 2017 but did not join BWS until Fall of 2017.

Joining BWS was the best decision she has ever made because the people and environment helped her grow not only personally, but professionally. That is her goal as the Member Relations Director this semester. She is so excited to meet all the new members as well as to develop closer relationships with current members.

Taylor's hobbies include photography, anything to do with doggos, working out, eating, taking naps and crafting. She is currently training for her first marathon and hopes to be ready to run the Disney marathon next year.  She has a firm belief that Samoas are the best Girl Scout cookies. She loves cheesy inspirational quotes and any sort of pun you can think of!

She hopes that this semester she can make a difference for the members and help them to grow just like the last officer team and members did for her.

​"Behind every successful woman is a tribe of other successful women who have her back."


Sobia Mohammad

Community Service Director

Sobia Mohammad is the Community Service Director for Bauer Women Society. She is currently a sophomore studying Marketing with a minor in Human Resource Management at the C.T. Bauer College of Business. She joined Bauer Women Society her first semester as a transfer in Fall 2017, falling more in love with the organization after attending each event.

​Since her freshman year, she automatically began getting involved in organizations, building networks, and pursuing her passions all while developing professionally as well as personally. During her free time, she oddly likes to plan her future, organizing future classes, organizations, or events she will be joining or applying for.

​Overall, she always holds excitement for the upcoming years and is ready to go above and beyond at all she does.

"You have brains in your head. You have feet in your shoes. You can steer yourself any direction you choose." - Dr. Seuss


Ginnessa Johnson

Media Director

Ginnessa Johnson is the Media Director for Bauer Women Society. She began her college experience at the University of Houston in Spring 2017 as a transfer student and is currently working on her Bachelor's degree in Finance and Management.

​Upon transferring to UH, Ginnessa explored different ways to give back to the community and make connections. She immediately found a home with BWS. As a member, she was thoroughly involved in BWS events and was later recognized for various awards, including  the Most Active Member Certificate and the BWS Academic Award. She admires that the organization strives for diversity and inclusion, leadership development, and providing for the members and community. As an officer, she hopes to continue these efforts at UH.

​In addition to her involvement with BWS, Ginnessa is also a troop leader for the Girl Scouts of the San Jacinto Council. She assists young girls with building the three C's: courage, confidence, and character. In her spare time, she continues her life-long hobby of dancing by taking classes at UH's School of Theatre and Dance.


Leslie Macias


Leslie Macias is the Secretary for Bauer Women Society. She is a junior majoring in Accounting. This is her second semester both at UH and as a participant of BWS since Fall 2017. She transferred from Houston Community College where she completed her basics.

​Leslie works part-time as a bookkeeper with Need Business Help?. Due to her participation in the LeaderShape Institute, where she was able to learn more about herself and how she is a leader, she has become interested in going to law school after graduating with a Bachelor's in Accounting. Leslie realized that she has a passion in justice and equality for all, including criminals, so it is an area she is currently looking to explore.

​Whenever Leslie is not working, she is partaking in social media, trying to find out what is going on around the world. She also likes to play with her Pomeranian puppy, who likes to bite and chew everything and everyone she sees moving! When she wants to release some stress, she likes to dance at a dance studio. She also loves to travel. She has been to different states in the U.S. as well as several places in Mexico too.


Mary Haar


Mary Haar is the President of Bauer Women Society. She is an Accounting major and will be graduating in August unless something else goes wrong.

Mary is a transfer student and is the eldest member of the officer team. She has spent a few years out in the real world before coming to UH to get her degree now that she has her act together.

Mary has a nephew, a dog, and (as of Christmas) a Bob Ross Chia Pet. These are a few of her favorite things. She enjoys dad jokes.


Rija Arif

Vice President

Rija Arif is the Vice President for Bauer Women Society this spring semester. She was previously the Media Director before becoming the Finance Director. She is currently a junior, double majoring in Accounting and Management Information Systems. She plans to continue her education by pursuing a Masters through the Professional Program in Accountancy before going on to become a CPA. She plans to end school with a hefty amount of unwanted debt. Her dream job would be to be an accountant for Chanel, Hermès, or Christian Louboutin. Really, anything to pay off that debt would be great.

Rija has been an active member of Bauer Women Society since Fall 2016. She credits BWS for providing her with many opportunities and helping her through her first semester at the University of Houston. As a transfer student, she understands how stressful it can be in a new environment and wants to be there for any member who needs help. 
Rija is a frequent flyer. Some of her favorite places she has visited are Australia, Portland, and Paris. She loves to seek adventure in new places and learn cultures in different countries worldwide. She will also probably leave spontaneously for a trip and inform everyone a day before. 
Outside of school, Rija has a passion for all things beauty. She is a certified makeup artist and does freelance hair and makeup throughout the year. Her biggest client to date has been the Houston-based rapper, Slim Thug. If you need your makeup done, she’s your girl. One of her main aspirations is to build her own high-end makeup brand.


Nubia Macias 

Finance Director

Nubia Macias is the Finance Director for Bauer Women Society. She is currently a senior pursuing a degree in Finance with a minor in Accounting, along with a Real Estate Certificate. She has been an active member since Fall 2017.

Nubia is pursuing a career in the real estate industry. She is in the Undergraduate Real Estate Program at Bauer and currently a Financial Analyst at a boutique real estate firm in Houston. She wants to spread knowledge of the program and hopefully inspire more women to become involved in the program and the real estate industry.

Ever since joining Bauer Women Society, Nubia has been very involved and credits her professional growth to the organization. Her goal is to encourage and help women grow professionally and personally as well!

In her free time, Nubia loves to spend her time eating around Houston, enjoying cinema, music, and playing with her tuxedo cat, Juno. Being born and raised in Houston, she likes to explore the city and encourages everyone to see its beauty.

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