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Want to be a part of something special?

Join Business Women Society!


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Fall 2018

Spring 2018



  • Active Member Certificate

  • Distinguished Member Certificate 

  • Outstanding Member Certificate​

  • Certificate of Directorate Completion

  • Most Active Member Certificate


  • BWS Academic Award

  • BWS Essay Award

  • Community Outreach Award

  • Corporate Award

  • Engagement Award

  • Fundraising Award

  • Leadership Award

  • Media Award


  • ​Receive a shirt when you register to become a BWS member!

  •  Win prizes at corporate events and workshops each month.


There are several reasons why Business Women Society is the student organization that will prepare you for success while getting your undergraduate degree! Here are some:​

Making connections during college is crucial. Meeting new students that have similar interests to you is valuable for your future. Our corporate events, company tours, leadership series, and various other events are excellent opportunities for you to make these new connections with students and professionals within the Houston area.

Nowadays, companies are not only looking for hard skills when recruiting students. They expect soft skills too!. These skills are transferable skills that can be used in many different types of jobs. As a BWS member, you participate in different activates and workshops that will give you experience in different areas relevant to your field.

Becoming an officer of BWS will develop your qualities as a leader. A leadership role in the organization will teach you how to work on time management, determination, effective communication, and building relationships.

Learn how to interact with other people in a professional manner. Our events are a safe environment where you will be able to practice your professional skills and get feedback. You will be exposed to professional opportunities to improve and expand your network.

Being an active member of student organizations provides an opportunity to learn more about your strengths and goals. BWS is one of the most diverse student organizations in Bauer, giving you the chance to surround yourself in a multicultural environment and learn from other students.


Get Professional Experience

Develop your Soft Skills

Learn more about yourself

Gain Leadership Skills

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Frequently Asked Questions

1.Why Join BWS?
  • ​Professional development

  • Networking opportunities

  • ​Full-time opportunities

  • Internship opportunities

  • Scholarship opportunities

  • Everlasting friendships

  • Discover more about yourself

  • Have lots of fun!

2. Do I have to be a woman to join BWS?

No. Bauer Women Society is open to all UH students.

3. Who can join BWS?

Any student attending the University of Houston can join!

4. How much does BWS membership cost?

New Member
Semester-long membership fee: $45
Year-long membership fee: $85

​Returning Active Member
Semester-long membership fee: $40
​Year-long membership fee: $75

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