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Meet the Team of Fall 2021

Avani Shah


Avani Shah is the President of Bauer Women’s Society. She is a junior majoring in
Management Information Systems and Supply Chain Management. She has been an
active member of BWS since Spring 2020.
Avani came across BWS through Rush Week and impulsively decided to go to
orientation. She saw the sense of community and camaraderie between the officers and
was able to see herself being a member. As a member, she attended as many events
as possible and made the most of her membership. Towards the end of Spring 2020
semester, she decided to be even more involved in the organization by becoming an
officer. She served as the Logistics Manager for the Fall 2020 – Spring 2021 school
year. Avani embraces the opportunity to lead an organization that works tirelessly for
women's empowerment. She previously worked for the Bauer College in the Digital
Learning Office as a team lead assisting faculty with distance learning. Currently, she is
the Organizational Development Intern at HCSS!
In her free time, Avani enjoys watching crime-related tv shows and anything Marvel!
She also enjoys traveling and spending time at the beach with friends and family. She
is very excited to take on the challenges of this upcoming year and make sure every
member still feels the same sense of community she did when she first joined. Feel free
to message her for any help!


Kimberly Vazquez

Vice President

Kimberly Vazquez is the Vice President for Bauer Women’s Society. She is a Senior double majoring in Marketing and Management at C.T Bauer College of Business. Upon graduation, Kimberly plans to pursue law school and open up various businesses all around the world! 


In her free time, Kimberly enjoys traveling, shopping, spending time with friends and family, listening to music, and unleashing her creativity with makeup. Some of her favorite artists include Lady Gaga, Lana del Rey, Bad Bunny, and J Balvin!  She is very passionate about her Mexican heritage and takes a lot of pride in being Latina! Most of her year is spent visiting friends and family over in her home city, Monterrey, Nuevo León. 


Kimberly would describe herself as unique, kind, loving, outgoing, adventurous, determined, and fun! This semester, she hopes to promote a welcoming and loving environment for all members, a place where everyone can flourish both personally and professionally. BWS has allowed her to create life-long friendships and wonderful memories that she will cherish forever. She strives to make an impact on this amazing organization that has given her so much. Kimberly is excited to meet all new members and show everyone everything BWS has to offer!


Taylor Courtney

Finance Director

Taylor Courtney is the Finance Director for Bauer Women Society and has been an active member since Fall 2020. She is a Senior, majoring in Accounting with a minor in Finance. She is in the 5 year PPA program to get her Master of Science in Accountancy and hopes to eventually earn her CPA license.

She was born and raised in Houston and loves what the city has to offer. Outside of school, she likes to travel and experience all the different cultures in the world. Her dream is to go visit her family in New Zealand and Australia one day. She enjoys any chance she gets to volunteer at the Houston Humane Society. She likes to spend as much time as possible with her mom and friends. 


Since joining BWS, Taylor has found a community of women for support and friendship. She hopes to continue a community where everyone feels welcome and a place to make lifelong connections. 


Ariana Lee

Finance Manager

Ariana Lee is the Finance Manager of Bauer Women Society. She joined BWS in the Spring of 2021. Ariana was born in New York but grew up in Houston and is now a junior in the honors college at UH, majoring in MIS with a minor in accounting. 

Ariana joined BWS in the Spring of 2020 after attending rush week that made her feel connected and welcomed by the women she met. She states that BWS has really helped her feel plugged in and motivated after her classes moved online due to the pandemic. When she is not studying, she likes to spend time with her puppy, work out, travel, and cook. Additionally, she recently obtained her yoga teacher training certificate over the summer. 

As the finance manager, her goal for BWS is to raise money for the org while having fun and helping create events that members enjoy attending. She wants to empower as many women as possible by creating a supportive and loving environment.


Ilene Sanchez

Operations Director

Ilene Sanchez is the operations director for Bauer woman society. She is a senior majoring in supply chain management with a minor in marketing. She hopes to later get her MBA in Operations Management.

She’s been an active member of the BWS since Spring 2020. She joined the organization to help her gain confidence and continuously meet new people. She’s motivated and inspired to develop personally and professionally. In her free time, she enjoys hanging out with family and friends, trying new foods, and is also very crafty. She is a small business owner of I Crafts and Glitz n glam Btq (insta: i.crafts, glitznglambtq20).

Her goal for BWS is to maintain a welcoming environment. She hopes to get to know everyone, have fun professionally and socially! She wants people to gain confidence and feel the comfort she did when she joined BWS!


Meher Khan

Logistics Manager

Meher Khan is the Logistics Manager of Bauer Women Society. Meher is currently a junior studying Management Information Systems at Bauer and is minoring in Sales. She joined Fall 2020 to meet new people and to join a community of strong and like-minded women! 

In her free time, Meher likes to create art, write poetry and go to the gym. Meher is also a member of the MISSO organization at UH as well as the Program for Excellence in Selling. She also loves to volunteer and find new and fun ways to help her community! 

Meher’s goal for BWS is to form meaningful connections with our members and get to know them and their interests while ensuring that everyone has a fun time at all of our events!


Hina Chundrigar

Senior Corporate Relations Director

Hina Chundrigar is the Senior Corporate Relations Director for Bauer Women Society and has been a member since Fall 2020. She is going into her third year at the C.T. Bauer College of Business, majoring in Human Resource Management.

In her free time, Hina enjoys spending quality time with her friends and family, reading books, and watching shows/movies. In addition to being a full-time student, Hina works part-time as a Human Resources Intern at Tenaris. She loves being a part of BWS since it provides a welcoming and supportive environment where members are given the chance to build lasting connections.

In her time at the University of Houston, Hina has learned to move out of her comfort zone and grow as a person. She is excited to continue to empower young women and facilitate amazing opportunities for members to interact with the corporate world. Hina wants to help members grow as young professionals and optimize their resources within BWS for successful futures!


Valerie Reyes

Junior Corporate Relations

Valerie Reyes is the Junior Corporate Relations Director for Bauer Women Society. She has been an active member since Fall 2020. Valerie is a junior at the C.T. Bauer College of Business majoring in Supply Chain Management and the first-semester Program for Excellence in Selling student.

In three words, Valerie would describe herself as a friendly, encouraging, and reliable friend. She hopes to be that friend for every new and present member! In her free time, Valerie enjoys taking shopping trips with her friends, trying out new foods, traveling, and going on new adventures! She has an identical twin sister, and they were born in Heidelberg, GEmilermany, and grew up in Orlando, Florida. Valerie moved to Houston in 2009 and now considers Texas to be her permanent home.

Valerie is grateful to have found BWS and be a part of such an amazing organization. Her goals for BWS are to create a welcoming, encouraging, and inclusive environment for new and previous members where we can build lifelong connections! Additionally, she would like to support and help members in any way possible and offer members amazing opportunities to interact with individuals in the corporate world!



Nicolle Carroll

Member Relations Director

Nicolle Caroll is the member relations director for Bauer Women's Society. She is a junior majoring in Supply Chain Management and is hoping to later get a master's in business management in Spain. She also hopes to live for a couple of years in Madrid, Spain. 

She enjoys shopping at Zara, cooking, going out with friends, and traveling. She's traveled to Italy, Greece, Spain, a cruise around islands in Greece, Mexico, and more. Besides Spain, her favorite country to visit is Mexico because she gets to visit her family there in Puebla and Veracruz.

Her goal for BWS this semester is to help members create positive and memorable experiences and to continue the welcoming environment BWS has. She can’t wait to meet new members this Fall 2021!


Emily Orozco

Community Service Director

Emily Orozco is the Community Service Director of Bauer Women Society. She is a senior majoring in Public Health with a minor in Finance. Joining BWS in Spring 2021 allowed her to create many more friendships and open up to the endless opportunities within the business world! 

In her free time, Emily loves to spend it surrounded by family and friends. Her alone time is spread out watching true crime documentaries/supernatural shows, swimming, reading books, playing animal crossing, and running. 

Emily's goal for this semester is to extend to members the same meaningful connections and ability to become empowered just as BWS has allowed her to.


Nirka Flores

Media Director

Nirka is the Media Director for Bauer Women Society. She is a senior majoring in Marketing focusing on Digital Marketing. She has been a member since Spring 2020.


In her free time, Nirka enjoys being outside, going on walks, bike rides,  and picnics. She loves thrifting and finding the potential in pre-loved items. One of her favorite things is to binge-watch or listen to any crime-related content, even though when she becomes paranoid. 


BWS has been an organization that has helped her gain confidence and grow professionally through all the corporate events and workshops. Nirka has had the opportunity to be the Marketing Intern for Gardner Denver Pumps. Her goal is for members to feel welcomed and gain knowledge of the corporate world, for them to get all the tools needed to succeed in their time at UH and after graduation. 


Emili Arnautovic


Emili Arnautovic is the Secretary for the Bauer Women Society and has been a member since Fall 2020. She is a senior majoring in Management and minoring in Anthropology. A year before attending UH, she explored Aerospace Engineering at Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University.


Originally from ex-Jugoslavia, Emili can speak Bosnian, Croatian, and Serbian. Her family came to the United States as refugees in an effort to escape the war. On another note, Emili is an artist and enjoys drawing in her free time. She plans to open up an Etsy shop selling handmade Balkan-inspired jewelry and artwork (@Adriaticaco). Additionally, she enjoys hiking, playing tennis, and traveling and hopes to backpack across Europe after she graduates. 

One of her goals for this semester is to provide a welcoming and empowering environment for all members. She wishes to unify and empower young women not only in the business world but everywhere else and to reassure them that they have all the potential they need to succeed.

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