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Meet the Team of Fall 2020

Sarah Bunjaku

Finance Manager

Sarah Bunjaku is the Finance Manager for Bauer Women Society. She is a junior at the C.T. Bauer College of Business double majoring in Management Information Systems and Finance with a track in Global Energy Management. She plans to graduate in May 2022 and pursue a career in the oil and gas industry as a data analyst. Sarah joined BWS in Spring 2020, her second semester at the University of Houston.

​In addition to BWS, Sarah was an active member in the Emerging Leaders Academic Success Program during her freshman year and is now a Peer Leader for the Bauer Class of 2024. She is also a Ted Bauer Undergraduate Business Scholar.
In her free time, Sarah loves to spend time with her friends and family and watch movies, her favorite being Heathers. She also has a lot of family overseas, so she tends to enjoy her summers traveling across Europe, trying new foods, and exploring different cultures.

​Upon joining BWS, Sarah was excited to grow as a business professional with women who empower one another. This semester, she strives to continue and enrich this atmosphere of acceptance and positivity so women can make connections and enter the world of business with confidence!


Ilene Sanchez

Operations Director

Ilene Sanchez is the operations director for Bauer woman society. She is a junior majoring in supply chain management with a minor in marketing. She hopes to later get her MBA in Operations Management.

She’s been an active member of the BWS since Spring 2020. She joined the organization  to help her gain confidence and continuously meet new people. She’s motivated and inspired to develop personally and professionally. In her free time, she enjoys hanging out with family and friends, trying new foods, and is also very crafty. She is a small business owner of I Crafts (insta: i.crafts).

Her goals for BWS is to maintain a welcoming environment. She hopes to get to know everyone, have fun professionally and socially! She wants people to gain the confidence and feel the comfort she did when she joined BWS!


Avani Shah

Logistics Manager

​Avani Shah is the Logistics Manager of Bauer Women’s Society. She is a sophomore majoring in Management Information Systems and Supply Chain Management. She has been an active member of BWS since Spring 2020.
Avani came across BWS through Rush Week and impulsively decided to go to orientation. As a member, she attended as many events as possible and made the most of it. Towards the end of the Spring 2020 semester, she decided to be even more involved in the organization by becoming an officer. She embraces the opportunity to be a part of an organization that works tirelessly for women empowerment. She also works for the Bauer College in the Digital Learning Office as a team lead assisting faculty with distance learning.
In her free time, Avani enjoys watching Criminal Minds and all things Marvel! She also enjoys travelling and spending time at the beach with friends and family. She is very excited to embrace the challenges of this upcoming year and make sure every member still feels the same sense of community she did when she first joined. 


Brianna Aguilar

Senior Corporate Relations Director

Brianna Aguilar is the Senior Corporate Relations Director for Bauer Women Society. She is a junior at the C.T Bauer College of Business, majoring in Accounting with a minor in Health and hopes to later get her Master’s degree in Hospital Administration. 

Brianna was born and raised here in Houston and loves finding new places within the city. She spends most of her free time enjoying quality time with her loved ones. Fitness and being active are very important to her. She particularly enjoys strength training. While she loves working out, she will never give up her sweet tooth. Brianna has a passion for baking and learning how to make different recipes. Her favorite pass times outside of school include swimming and being near any body of water, reading fiction books, watching movies and tv shows and listening to music. She feels that these activities give her an escape from everything going on. She has a very diverse taste in music and loves discovering new music and artists across genres. Her favorite music artists include Wallows, LANY, Bad Bunny, Myke Towers, Key Glock and Kehlani. Brianna also loves to travel and learn about other cultures and hopes to travel all over the world in the future. She is adventurous and is always interested in trying new things especially ones with an adrenaline rush. 

​She wants to welcome members to BWS with open arms just as she welcomed when she joined. Additionally, she hopes to make meaningful connections with other members and provide everyone with many interesting events and opportunities.


Arta Attar

Junior Corporate Relations

Arta Attar is the Junior Corporate Relations Director for Bauer Women Society and was an active member in fall 2019. She is a junior at the C.T. Bauer College of Business, majoring in Marketing. She aspires to work in the Digital Marketing Industry upon graduating. 

Outside of spending her days at UH, Arta enjoys going to the gym, spending time with friends, and creating social media content. Women’s rights and women empowerment is what drives Arta everyday while working as a BWS officer. She plans on encouraging members to get out of their comfort zones to chase their dreams. 

Arta’s goal for BWS is to give great professional opportunities for the members. The corporate world can be intimidating at first but she is dedicated to helping the members. Bauer Women Society gave her the confidence to network so she hopes members gain the same experience.


Joshini Johnson

Member Relations Director

Joshini Johnson is the Member Relation Director for Bauer Women Society and has been a member since January 2020. She’s aspires to become President of the organization one day as she loves the community it has brought her and wants to help others feel the same. She is currently a Junior majoring in Supply Chain Management with a minor in Management. 

Growing up she knew she wanted to be part of something to empower women and to inspire girls from a young age. Ever since orientation day, she knew BWS is the path for her. During her time at HCC she was part of the Honors College where she found a family. Similarity she wanted to find a community within UH that would help her excel in her academic and personal growth.

In her free time, she loves to bake and try new things. She was born in Saudi Arabia, lived in India for 6 months, grew up in England for 10 years and moved to the US at 16, so has become very adaptable. She has a very open minded outlook to life from the many cultures and backgrounds that she has interacted with. Though she majors in business, she loves to teach and tutors high school students in her spare time. She loves to help others see the true beauty in themselves and realize the potentials they can unlock. She is very excited for this upcoming year and the opportunity to make an impact to this wonderful organization.


Nirka Flores

Community Service Director

Nirka Flores is the Community Service Director of Bauer Women Society. She transferred to the University of Houston Spring 2020. She is a junior at the C.T Bauer College of Business currently working on her bachelor’s degree in Marketing. BWS was one of the first friendly faces to welcome her to the University of Houston.

In her free time, she loves spending time with family. One of her favorite things is trying new recipes, savory or sweet. She has three cats and even goes on walks with them. Reading is one of her guilty pleasures. Netflix party has been one of her saviors during the pandemic, she loves binge watching with her friends.

Nirka is a volunteer for West Houston YoungLife. She leads younger children weekly through providing rides and accompanying YoungLife members during trying times. She loves being able to help her community. She hopes to encourage members to also volunteer with the community in various events throughout the semester. 


Muika Agostinho

Media Director

Muika Agostinho is the Media Director for Bauer Women Society. Muika is currently a junior studying Managment and Marketing at the Bauer School of Business in the hopes of finding a career in digital marketing and app development. Since joining BWS spring of 2020, Muika has been able to get involved in business orientated events on and off campus through the corporate networking events held by BWS.

In her free time, Muika enjoys traveling, painting and listening to music as well as volunteering in her local community. Some of her favorite artists include Marina, Beyonce, Amy Winehouse and Rosalía. Throughout her life, Muika has been able to travel to  19 countries and plans to visit many more in the future.  Originally from Luanda, Angola, Muika has been able to adapt her surroundings by picking up English as her second language and Portuguese as her first. She hopes to encourage younger women to join BWS and reap the same benefits that she has. Through BWS, Muika has been able to network and build friendships with bussinesswomen throughout her community.

Muika's goal for BWS is to extend their platform beyond the university and create a mentor system for younger girls who are interested in learning the fundamentals of the business field.


Jenna Goodrich


Jenna Goodrich is the Secretary for Bauer Women Society. She is a sophomore honors student, double majoring in Business and Political Science. She has been an active member of Bauer Women Society since Spring 2020. 
In her free time, Jenna loves going to concerts, reading, and exercising. In addition, she is a member of honors dodgeball society and enjoys participating in intramural sports. She is also beginning a marketing internship this fall. 
Jenna hopes that new members can feel included and comfortable because of the support from BWS!


Aline Lovag Torrano


Aline Lovag Torrano is the President for Bauer Women Society and has been a member since Fall 2018. She is a Junior, majoring in Accounting with a minor in Supply Chain Management, and hopes to eventually earn her CPA. She has been completing various internships during her college career to learn more about her future in Accounting.

Outside of school, she is an avid traveler. She speaks three languages and has friends and family all over the world. She has visited many countries in Europe and Central America; some of her favorites include Greece, Portugal, and Costa Rica. In her spare time, she enjoys various forms of exercise, primarily weight training and taking her dog, Ellie, for runs in the park. Her favorite things to do include spending time with her loved ones, watching drama/horror movies, and trying new things to eat. She has a wide range of music taste, but she prefers alternative and Reggaeton. 

Aline hopes to create meaningful connections with our members this year and wants everyone to take home valuable knowledge and great memories. BWS has been an amazing experience and has allowed her to grow and improve so much, and she wants members to reap the same benefits.


Alyssa Villanueva

Vice President

Alyssa Villanueva is the Vice President for Bauer Women Society and has been a proud member of BWS since Spring 2019. She previously served as the Operations Director and is a junior studying Supply Chain Management. 

​With the skills she learned as Operations Director and as a participant of the Ted Bauer Leadership Certificate Program she earned an internship this summer with Arrive Logistics. The fastest growing brokerage in the logistics industry. She enjoys going to music festivals, listening to podcasts, and spending time with family. Her goal this semester is to provide a safe and uplifting environment where members can explore career opportunities and gain the confidence to utilize them. She hopes that BWS is able to make a meaningful impact on members the way that it has on her. She is excited for a semester full of virtual events!


Jennifer Contreras

Finance Director

Jennifer Contreras is the Finance Director for Bauer Women Society. She is a senior, double majoring in Accounting and Finance and will be graduating Spring 2021. She has been an active member since Spring 2019 and has also served as Community Service Director.

In her free time, Jennifer enjoys spending time with family, baking and watching Netflix. She is passionate about volunteering and giving back the community. She hopes that BWS members feel empowered to step out of their comfort zone and explore all the opportunities that BWS has to offer.

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