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Meet the Team of Fall 2019

Kendall Kowen

Media Director

Kendall Kowen is the Media Director for Bauer Women Society. She is a junior in the C.T. Bauer College of Business, double majoring in Marketing and Supply Chain Management. She plans on attending law school once obtaining her Bachelor's Degree. She transferred from Collin County Community College in the Spring of 2019 and has been an active member since then.

When she has free time, Kendall enjoys exercising, reading, writing, watching old movies, and spending time with her family. She currently plays soccer through the University of Houston Club Team and Northwest Indoor Soccer Club. She enjoys a wide variety of music such as alternative, rock and roll, country, pop, and rap. She also is an animal lover and has two cats named Cheddar and Ziggy.

Kendall wants to help BWS members get involved in a positive organization as well as help them grow professionally and personally. She is a strong advocate for women empowerment and wants to create long-lasting relationships through BWS!


Rosa Jimenez Bielma

Community Service Director

Rosa Jimenez Bielma is the Community Service Director for Bauer Women Society.  She is currently a sophomore at the University of Houston and wants to declare Accounting. While pursuing her degree in the C.T.  Bauer College of Business, she continues to empower women through BWS. As a first-generation student, her long life dream is to be the first one in her family to graduate college. 

Between her work in the HVAC company and school, she has found a narrow window of free time that she uses to relax in her bed and watch Netflix. Her could-watch-it- a-100-times show has to be “Gilmore Girls." She also loves to listen to music, read and once in a while go for a run. Most of all, she takes delight in making facial scrubs and masks. 

She is very proud to be part of this wonderful organization and her goal for this semester is to make sure that every one that becomes a Bauer woman feels welcomed and inspired to do better in their personal and professional lives. A big part of her mission is for everyone to take some time to give back to the community.


Nicole Edworthy


Nicole Edworthy is the Secretary of the Bauer Women Society for the Fall of 2019. She is currently a senior, double majoring in Management and Marketing with a certificate in Corporate Entrepreneurship at the C.T. Bauer College of Business. During High School, she took college courses and ended up graduating with her high school diploma and associates degree at the same time, and has chosen to continue her education at the University of Houston. She joined the Bauer Women Society in the Fall of 2018.

In her spare time, Nicole enjoys spending time training their cocker spaniel puppy, Nick, alongside her family, who is learning how to become a therapy dog. They love taking him to a local school where he helps calm children during their academic days. She is a former dancer who loves going to musicals at a variety of Houston theatres. The last two musicals she went to see were her favorites: Beauty and The Beast and Aladdin. She is also a Disney fanatic and can talk about it for days.

Nicole’s goal is for everyone to feel empowered and that BWS is a safe place for everyone to learn, try new things, and gain new skills to use in their careers.


Ginnessa Johnson 


Ginnessa Johnson is the President of Bauer Women Society. She began her college experience at the University of Houston in Spring 2017 as a transfer student and is currently working on her Bachelor's degree in Finance and Human Resource Management. 

Upon transferring to UH, Ginnessa explored different ways to give back to the community and make connections. She immediately found a home with BWS. As a member, she was thoroughly involved in BWS events and was later recognized for various awards, including the Most Active Member Certificate and the BWS Academic Award. Prior to serving as President, she served as the Media Director in Spring 2018 and also as BWS’s Finance Director for the 2018-2019 academic year. She hopes to continue the society’s efforts for diversity and inclusion, connect students with women in the work field, and provide for the members of Bauer Women Society.

In addition to her involvement with BWS, Ginnessa completed the Ted Bauer Leadership Certificate Program and has also started her first semester in the SURE™ Program, Stimulating Urban Renewal through Entrepreneurship. She currently enjoys cooking and exploring the Greater Houston area.


Kate Banwell

Vice President

Kate Banwell is the Vice President for Bauer Women Society and has been a member since January of 2018. Prior to this position, she served as the Logistics Manager for BWS and loved the flexibility that the role allowed. She is currently a junior double majoring in Finance and Supply Chain Management and is also a part of The Honors College.

Kate just finished up a summer internship at Wunderman Thompson and is looking forward to taking on the Houston Regional Assistant role at Girlstart. Similar to BWS, Girlstart also works to empower women but works to inspire girls from a young age through experiments in STEM. She credits BWS for creating opportunities to excel and begin her career.

Starting her first year at UH as a freshman straight out of high school at a university 4.5 hours away, Kate was needing a home away from home. This home was very quickly found within BWS. The welcoming faces in the first few events she attended made her realize that this organization was a place made for improvement and personal growth. She knew after her first semester that she wanted to dedicate herself to BWS in order to make the same impact in other members lives.

She is very excited for this upcoming year and the opportunity to make an impact to this wonderful organization.


Marium Murphy

Finance Director

Marium Murphy is the Finance Director for Bauer Women Society. She is a junior, Finance major in the C.T. Bauer College of Business. She aspires to be a certified financial planner someday. She has been active in BWS since Fall 2018. 

In her free time, Marium likes to watch Netflix. Her favorite shows are The Office and That 70's Show. She also enjoys baking and cooking in her spare time. Her favorite food is pho and Bahn Mi. 

Marium likes volunteering and helping people out. She hopes that BWS members gain valuable experience in the volunteering events that BWS has.  


Saher Malik

Finance Manager

Saher Malik is the Finance Manager for the Bauer Women Society. She is a sophomore, double majoring in Finance and Management at the C.T. Bauer College of Business and has been an active member of BWS since Fall 2018. BWS has helped her find long-lasting connections that can help her in the future. 

​Saher loves to spend time with family, play sports like basketball and soccer, and listen to Frank Ocean on repeat. She also counts sleeping as one of her skills. She can sleep for 8 hours and still not be satisfied with her “nap.” Her goal for BWS is to create a comfortable atmosphere that helps members stay involved. 


Alyssa Villanueva

Operations Director

​Alyssa Villanueva is the Operations Director for Bauer Women Society. Although she is a junior, this will be her second year as a cougar. She is a transfer student from Concordia University in Austin. She is pursuing a degree in Supply Chain Management. 

She has been a part of the BWS family since Spring 2019. She joined the organization to grow professionally and to step out of her comfort zone. This organization gave her the confidence to land a summer internship with one of the top marketing firms in Houston. She plans to become the first in her family to graduate college. 

Alyssa loves to travel, try new restaurants, and all things beauty-related. She also enjoys hot yoga and staying active. She is passionate about women's rights and empowering women overall, which is part of the reason she felt so at home with the community at BWS. She plans to motivate members to feel comfortable and confident as a business professionals and with themselves.


Stephanie Segovia

Logistics Manager

Stephanie Segovia is the Logistics Manager for Bauer Women Society. She is a junior, double majoring in Accounting and Supply Chain Management. She transferred from Houston Community College where she completed her basics and decided to continue her college education at the C.T. Bauer College of Business at the University of Houston. Although this is her third semester at UH, she managed to become Secretary after joining BWS in Fall 2018. 

Apart from her BWS duties, she spends her free time visiting different cafes and boba places to experience the different flavors each place has to offer. If you need any recommendations on where to eat, she is the person to go to. She loves skating with her friends although she might not be very good at it. Lastly, she indulges in different genres of music, which range from K-pop to hip-hop to EDM. 

Stephanie’s goal for BWS is create a motivating and fun atmosphere that encourages everyone to explore new business opportunities. She wants people to feel comfortable and motivated like her when she first joined BWS. 


Sarah Taylor

Senior Corporate Relations Director

Sarah Taylor is the Senior Corporate Relations Director for Bauer Women Society. She is a senior at the C.T. Bauer College of Business, majoring in Supply Chain Management. She has been a member of BWS since Fall 2018. 

In her free time, Sarah likes to cook, paint, and listen to music. She is also a fan of reading; her favorite genres being historical fiction and fantasy. Sarah also has a very spoiled rescue dog who demands constant attention.​

Sarah grew up in a military family. She is from Virginia, but has also lived in California, Hawaii, and Okinawa, Japan. She graduated from high school in Honolulu and earned an Associate of Arts degree from Lonestar College-Montgomery before transferring to UH. Bauer Women Society made her transition much easier and a more enjoyable experience than it would have been if she did it alone. She wants to return the favor and help others going through this situation. People can reach out to her if they have questions or just need someone to talk to.


Christina Sunil

Junior Corporate Relations

Christina Sunil is the Junior Corporate Relations Director for Bauer Women Society and has been an active member since Fall 2018. She is a senior at the C.T. Bauer College of Business, majoring in Finance with a minor in Energy and Sustainability. She aspires to work in the Energy Industry upon graduating. 

Outside of spending her days at UH, Christina loves spending time with her family and friends, binge-watching Netflix any chance she gets, and cuddling with her puppy, Bentley. She loves being a part of the BWS especially since she is very passionate about women empowerment and is excited to help other young women learn and grow together. 

​Christina’s goal for BWS is to ensure that members can optimize their resources within BWS by finding professional opportunities and make lasting connections. Bauer Women Society gave her a place to network and develop herself professionally, and she hopes she can give others the same experience!


Aline Lovag

Member Relations Director

Aline Lovag Torrano is the Member Relations Director for Bauer Women Society and has been a member since Fall 2018. She is a sophomore, majoring in Accounting, and hopes to earn her Master's with the Professional Program in Accountancy. 

Outside of school, she is an avid traveler. She speaks three languages, and has friends and family all over the world. She has visited many countries in Europe and Central America; some of her favorites include Greece, Portugal, and Costa Rica. She currently works for Student Housing & Residential Life and will be facilitating move-in this Fall. Go Coogs! In her spare time, she enjoys various forms of exercise, primarily yoga and swimming. Her favorite things to do include spending time with her loved ones, watching drama/horror movies, and trying new things to eat. She has a wide range of music taste, but she prefers alternative and reggaeton. 

Aline hopes to create fun and helpful events for our members this Fall and wants everyone to take home valuable knowledge and great memories. BWS has been an amazing addition to her college career so far, and she wants members to reap the same benefits.

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