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Meet the Team of Fall 2016

Maria Guerrero


Maria Guerrero is the President of Bauer Women Society. She is a sophomore student pursuing a Supply Chain major and a Finance minor degree at C.T. Bauer College of Business. She has been an active member since Spring 2015.

Maria enjoys being involved on campus. She was a Counselor this past summer 2016 for Cub Camp, she is a member of the Hispanic Business Student Association and Supply Chain Student Association. She was featured in the Bauer Magazine for her involvement on campus since freshman year and will be feature by the PROVOST office. Following her hard work and leadership roles through her college career she was nominated for the Freshman Award in the Campus Leaders Ceremony hosted by the Center for Student Involvement. By earning a 4.0 GPA, Maria was recognized by the C.T. Bauer College of Business Dean.

Maria’s passion is to empower and develop women to increase female representation in the corporate world and she is really proud of being an international student. So do not hesitate in approaching her!


Nourhan Younis

Vice President

​Nourhan Younis is the Vice President of Bauer Women Society. She is an honors business student at C.T. Bauer College of Business at the University of Houston, pursuing a degree in Marketing and Human Resource Management ( Fall 2016). She has been an active member of Bauer Women Society since Fall 2014 when she was also part of the Operations Directorate.

As an international student at the University of Houston, she shows passion and pride in all that she does. She is interested in leadership and management of people and entities as well as event planning. Aside from her involvement in school, she is passionate about giving back to the community through various events and serving many refugee families. In the future, she hopes to own her own catering business.

Nourhan has a deep interest in the expanding role of business in today’s education system. She hopes to apply her academic and professional experience towards the development of her country, Egypt and helping young women to follow their life-long dreams. Her goal is to lead people through example and she hopes to promote the professional development of women in the Middle East.


Carmen Julian

Finance Director

Carmen Julian is the 2016 Fall Financial Director.

She's double majoring in accounting and Spanish. She joined BWS during the Fall 2015 semester and served as secretary during the spring 2016 semester.

She loves being part of the Bauer Women Society because to her it's a large support group of inspiring women. She's happy that they all accept her weirdness and don't question it.

​ In her free time, Carmen enjoys reading books, watching movies, and baking. She's very excited to be in charge of 2016 fall bake sales.


Nekisha Olaya

Operations Director

Nekisha Olaya is the Operations Director for Bauer Women Society. She is a Junior of the Hilton College pursuing a major in Hotel and Restaurant Management and a minor in Business Foundation. She has been an active member of Bauer Women Society since Fall 2015.
Aside from being an active member, she currently works at the Welcome Center as a UH Ambassador. She enjoys informing prospective students about the great things that happen here at the University of Houston through the huge events like the UH Football games to the student involvement that adds to the Cougar Spirit. Her involvement with the organization has helped her develop skills leadership and communication. She has also become more passionate about leading people and helping them grow into becoming stronger people within and outside of this organization.
In her downtime, she loves cheering on her UH Football team at every football game. She also enjoys dancing, reading, and also she sometimes likes to draw. She hopes to open up her own restaurant, club, or community center of her own in the future. She may come off with a lot of energy, but she is always smiling and never afraid to talk to others. And if you want some cougar spirit, just be around her at all of the games!


Xena Ayala

Logistics Manager

Xena Ayala is the Logistics Manager for Bauer Women Society. She is a sophomore pursuing a supply chain management degree at C.T Bauer College of Business. She has been an active member of Bauer Women Society since Fall 2015.

Xena loves cooking, playing with animals, being outdoors, and giving back to the community. Some of her favorite places to volunteer at is The Cottage Shop at The Women's Home, and also at the UH community service events. 

Her dream is to become a fashion buyer for a retail company. She currently works as a Student Outreach Programs Coordinator at the Undergraduate Programs Office at the Bauer College of Business. 

She is very passionate about helping others and is excited to be a part of a wonderful organization that helps young women learn and grow together. 


Edith Rubio

Corporate Relations Director

Edith Rubio is the Corporate Relations Director of Bauer Women Society. She is a business student at the C.T. Bauer College of Business at the University of Houston, pursuing a major in Management Information Systems. She has been an active Bauer Women Society member since Fall 2015, where she participated in the Operations Directorate.

She currently works for Direct Energy in the Connected Home department as an Innovation Intern. In the past semesters, Edith has held several graphic design internship positions in Schlumberger and The Daily Cougar Newspaper.

Aside from being passionate about technology and innovation, Edith enjoys volunteering in her free time. Since 2012, Edith has been a volunteer for Via Colori, a fundraiser for the Center for Hearing and Speech. She also volunteers as a Henna tattoo/face painting artist in several school districts around Houston.

She believes that education is key, therefore she devotes her free time to working with organizations which missions are to make education more accessible in developing countries. Edith is also part of Ten Thousand Villages, a fair trade and non-profit organization that benefits artisans in developing countries around the world.
Aside from traveling across South America and Europe, one of Edith’s goals is to move to Spain a few years after graduation.


Nicole Garcia

Community Service Director

Nicole Garcia is the Community Service Director for Bauer Women Society. She is a Sophomore pursuing a double major in Management Information Systems and Supply Chain Management. She has been an active member of Bauer Women Society since Spring 2015. 
Besides being an officer of Bauer Women Society she is also a financial advisor at Primerica where she guides people with their life insurance policy, retirement plan and investments. She is very passionate in helping others and giving back to the community. Some of her favorite places to volunteer at are the animal shelter, parks and beaches, and helping the homeless in her native hometown in Mexico City. She is very excited to be the Community Service Director this semester and looks forward to all the events planned for this semester  
In her free time, she enjoys working out, running, looking for new restaurants and catching up on her endless stack of novels. Her dream is to one day become a software developer for Oracle, Apple or Google.


Helen Aihevba

Media Director

Helen Aihevba is Bauer Women Society's Media Director for the Fall 2016 Semester.  She is a Sophomore at the C.T. Bauer School of Business currently studying Marketing planning to add a double major in Management.  Helen has been an active member of BWS since the Fall of 2015.

Helen hopes to start in a competitive entry-level marketing position and work for a few years then come back to school to earn her Master's. She then plans to go back into the field with her new experience and education and work her way up to a CEO position.

She is very passionate about helping her community and makes time to volunteer in the Greater Houston Area, Helen is also passionate about travel and learning about different cultures because she has lived in multiple foreign countries for more than half her life.

​In her free time she makes sure to hit the gym (let her know if you want a workout buddy), loves taking photos of people and places, and enjoys finding new restaurants and eateries to explore with friends. 


Edith Rubio


 Lalah Jackson is a Sophomore at the Bauer Business School at the University of Houston studying Supply Chain Management and Global Procurement. She has a thriving passion for innovation, analysis research, and project management.

A few companies she hopes to work with throughout her career are HP Enterprise, HEB, Amazon, and BP America. Outside of school Lalah enjoys finding the art in everyday life. She currently plans to begin her career here in Houston, and after living in another country for a while working with an amazing company that has a progressive global procurement sector.

She enjoys reading, watching films, dancing, traveling, going to museums, and so much more. You can always find Lalah laughing with friends or caught up watching TED talks.


Mehreen Baig


Mehreen Baig is a Junior majoring in Accounting. She is also an Audit Intern at Geokinetics, as well as a Writing and Accounting Tutor at Learning Support Services at the University of Houston. She has been a part of Bauer Women Society since Spring 2016, where she was also part of the Finance Directorate.

As a transfer student, Mehreen understands the feeling of not fitting in while also not being a freshman. Bauer Women Society gave her a place to meet people, have fun and develop herself professionally, and she hopes she can give other transfers the same welcome experience. She's always there to help, so recent transfers can always go up to her with questions.

When she's not studying or working, Mehreen can be found reading, relaxing with friends and family, shopping, or at the nearest concert.

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