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Meet The Team of Fall 2014


Andrea Fancony

Andrea is the President of the Bauer Women Society (BWS). She is a business student at the C.T. Bauer College of Business at the University of Houston, pursuing her degree in Finance and Management (2016). She graduated from the International Baccalaureate Diploma Program in 2012 where she took the initiative of leading and choreographing the first Dance Production at Luanda International School. Andrea decided to transform the concert profits into non-perishable goods and donate them to a local orphanage.  

Aside from her philanthropic interests, Andrea is very active academically. At the University of Houston, Andrea has completed the Ted Bauer Leadership Certificate Program (May 2014) and has been the Operations Officer of the Bauer Women Society (Spring 13). As an Operations Director, Andrea managed and maintained operations of BWS as she led the organization’s Logistics and Operations Directorate.

Her long-term goals include contributing to the economic growth of her country, Angola, by applying academic and professional experiences she acquires abroad into her workplace. Andrea is also very passionate about women's empowerment; therefore, she would love to promote the professional development of women in Africa. 


Vice President

Ann Pacheco

Ann is the Vice President of Bauer Women Society. She is pursuing two degrees: a Bachelor of Business Administration in Management (2016) and a Bachelor of Science in Biology (2016).

​She currently works as an undergraduate research assistant at the University of Houston Texas Obesity Research Center where she has conducted research under Dr. Rebecca Lee for three years and has participated as a co-author in various scientific publications. At the University of Houston, she is also an active member of Alpha Epsilon Delta Pre-medical Society and the International Medical Relief team.  Aside from her involvement in school, she is passionate about giving back to the community and spends her time regularly volunteering at Texas Children’s Hospital, Ben Taub General Hospital, and San Jose Clinic.  

Ann has a deep interest in the expanding role of business in today’s health care. After graduation, she plans to attend medical school to undertake a dual degree in an MD/MBA program.


Operations Director

Aneesa Badat

Aneesa is the Operations Director of Bauer Women Society. She is a student at the Bauer College of Business at the University of Houston. She is currently pursuing a Bachelor of Business Administration in Supply Chain Management.

She has been an active Bauer Women Society member since her first semester at Bauer in 2013.

Besides Bauer Women Society, she enjoys doing community service with many different organizations.


Finance Director

Rajia Sandhu

Rajia is a student at the C.T. Bauer College of Business at the University of Houston. She is currently a sophomore/junior pursuing her Bachelor of Business Administration in Management Information Systems (2016). 

In the past, she has had experience in leadership roles for many organizations. She has had the opportunity of competing in a variety of competitions as well as organizing many events for her community.

She hopes to bring a positive change to Bauer Women Society’s fundraising events and hopes that with the help of our lovely members we make this semester a great success. She might be shy at first, but would never give up an opportunity to make new friends! She also loves singing, reading books, and playing basketball.



Brenda Salvador

Brenda is the Secretary of Bauer Women Society. She is a senior majoring in Accounting. She transferred to the University of Houston a year ago and loves it. Go Coogs! She is very involved in the extracurricular activities Bauer has to offer. Aside from being Secretary, she is the National Representative Intern for the Hispanic Business Student Association (HBSA) and also received the opportunity to participate in LeaderShape last semester.

Besides being a full-time student, she works at The Breland Law Firm as an assistant and accountant. She also has a part-time job in the Marketing team at State Farm and helps out her dad with the family business. Even though this keeps her very busy, she still manages to save some time for her family. Brenda's family is the most important thing to her, especially her two younger sisters.

Some fun facts about her are: She absolutely loves the color pink.  Pretty much everything she owns is pink! She loves taking road trips with her family. Brenda and her family have driven to Mexico, El Salvador, and several states in the U.S. like California, Florida, Wyoming, and New York. She enjoys shopping and any special occasion is a good excuse to go buy new clothes!


Corporate Relations

Arsheen Memon 

Arsheen is a Bauer Honors student, pursuing a double major in Finance and Entrepreneurship on a Pre-law track. She aspires to run her own corporate law firm one day. She is the Corporate Relations Director of Bauer Women Society. Arsheen has been an active member of Bauer Women Society since Spring 2014 when she was also part of the Finance Directorate. 

In her past, she has held various leadership positions around the community and through her years in high school. Apart from academics, Arsheen enjoys volunteering her time to help develop skills like reading and writing in younger kids.

Arsheen loves fashion and believes in depicting one's personality through how they present themselves. Apart from shopping in her free time, she enjoys reading and spending time with her family and best friend. 

One mantra she always keeps in mind is, "If your actions inspire others to dream more, learn more, and become more, you are a leader," (John Quincy Adams). Her goal is to lead people through example and one day be able to help in creating future leaders of tomorrow.


Member Relations

Farheen Momin

Farheen Momin is a junior pursuing a double degree in Supply Chain Management and World Cultures and Literature. She has been an active member of Bauer Women Society since spring 2012. 

She is very passionate about teaching and has been volunteering her Saturdays for about three years now. Besides school, she enjoys reading and
loves the beach!


Media Director

Meggie Reynoso

Meggie is the Media Director of Bauer Women Society. She is a senior at the C.T. Bauer College of Business where she is pursuing her degree in Accounting. She plans on taking the advanced classes in order to be eligible for the CPA.  Last Fall 2013 was her first semester at the University of Houston transferring from Lone Star College. She recently became a member of BWS (Spring 2014) and has enjoyed the new friends and experiences so far. 

Besides school, she has a part-time job at a retail store and is very active at her church. She leads music for the Women's ACTS Retreat at St. Ignatius Loyola Catholic Church and also is part of the Life Teen Band. She is musically talented and sings and plays several instruments, including the guitar, piano, flute, piccolo, and a little bit of drums. By leading music for retreats, she sees that it can speak to someone without even knowing and hopes to do the same for the new BWS members, that they may see a successful future and not let the negatives bring them down especially the fact of being a lady. 

She is excited to take several pictures of the upcoming semester, create slideshows, and compose a memorable video at the end! She is very outgoing, so meeting the new members will be a blast and hopefully does not scare them away. Her goal this semester is to simply enjoy school, meet new people, and  make a positive influence. 


Community Service Director

Amber Fusselman

Amber is the Community Service Director for Bauer Women Society. She has a passion for volunteering and cannot wait to extend her love for helping others in Bauer Women Society. In the past, she has attended fundraising walks, participated in the MS150 for 4 years, and raised over $1,900 in her lifetime. She knows this is just the beginning of her journey to help the community and hopes to expand her experience even more. 

She loves long distant cycling, martial arts, and her pet frog, Cinnamon. She also enjoys eating, particularly new and exotic foods, and visiting new places. She has the common dream of traveling the world but is just as satisfied in discovering a local hidden jewel. Any new experience is a great experience in her opinion. 

Another one of her hobbies is songwriting. She has written more than 20 songs and counting. Maybe one day she'll get her music published. She knows the basics of violin, piano, and guitar to accompany her songs. Aside from that, she has an unfortunate fondness for sleeping and exercising. She is a little bit introverted but is working on becoming more open. Amber will not let her shyness get in the way of having a great year. She looks forward to meeting all of you and having a great time!


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