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The Business Women Society
​Directorate Program

In the 2014 spring semester, a new structure to the Business Women Society was created.

Directorates are the new structure of the organization. They allow officers to preside over their respective positions and committees and focus on building leadership skills in human capital management, workflows and processes, and collaboration.

Directorates allow support for the officer team, assisting in planning events, managing logistics, and executing operations. Most importantly, directorates provide an opportunity for members to deepen their involvement in the organization. 
Joining a directorate grants members the experience they need to become an officer, a better student, and a potential intern while learning and applying skills relevant to their majors.

By implementing directorates, the Business Women Society gives members what they want – real-world experience in an arena that’s conducive to learning new skills without the stress of making mistakes in a work environment.


​Accounting and Finance Directorate
Led by: 

Finance Manager- Mariana Piravolou
Finance Director- Shaem Siddiqi

​The goal of this directorate is to maintain the Business Women Society budget, strategize and implement new ways to earn money, and run the logistics of fundraisers. It is to the discretion of the Finance Director to split members into different committees in order to achieve these goals.


Logistics and Operations Directorate
Led by:
Logistics Manager-
 Jasmine Hernandez

Operations Director- Yassmeene Dahmani

​The goal of this directorate is to manage and maintain operations of Business Women Society. A logistics committee is needed to assist in executing events and professional meetings, coordinate food and drinks, reserve rooms and locations, and begin banquet planning. It is to the discretion of the directors to split members into different committees in order to achieve these goals.


Media and Outreach Directorate
Led by:

Community Service Director- Hannah Mathew
Media Director- Carolina Hernandez

​The purpose of this directorate is to broaden Business Women Society’s scope of influence in media, public relations, and community service. 
Members will have the opportunity to participate in marketing runs for events, develop their professional communication, and spread awareness about the organization through philanthropic work. It is to the discretion of each director to allocate duties to committees.

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